«People»-Magazin: Michael B. Jordan ist der Sexiest Man Alive 2020

The “Black Panther” villain and “Creed” boxer says of his new title: “It’s a cool feeling.”

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Allow? Michael B. Jordan, Sexiest Man Alive of the year. According to the editors of the US magazine “People”. “I think the older women in my family in particular will really celebrate it,” says the 33-year-old in an interview about his cover story.

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Speaking of the cover: this is his.  And on the following slides we show you the ten predecessors of the actor;  and we don't want to do clickbaiting, but Holy Shit, Chris Hemsworth's hairstyle on the “People” front page was amazing.

Speaking of the cover: this is his. And on the following slides we show you the ten predecessors of the actor; and we don’t want to do clickbaiting, but Holy Shit, Chris Hemsworth’s hairstyle on the “People” front page was amazing.


2019: Cuddle musician John Legend.

2019: Cuddle musician John Legend.


  • The title of the article suggests it, but for all of you who have forgotten the topic on the way to this point: “People” magazine has chosen actor Michael B. Jordan as Sexiest Man Alive 2020.

  • In the photo gallery you can also see his ten predecessors and find out when Alain Berset bagged this title.

  • Spoiler: no.

  • But why not?

  • We’ll give the “People” editors a goof because they’ve left The Alain out of the picture so far.

People magazine has unveiled its annual Sexiest Man Alive: In 2020 this title is due to Hollywood star Michael B. Jordanwho punched his way into the hearts of cinema fans in the 2015 sports film “Creed”, achieved world fame as the antagonist Killmonger in the 2018 Marvel spectacle “Black Panther” and in 2019 with the court drama “Just Mercy” showed that he not only played leading roles, but also convinced as a producer.

In an interview on his “People” cover story the 33-year-old American reveals that it was “a cool feeling” to be allowed to wear this title and to be “part of this club”. Many people around him often teased him that he would never be able to do just that, he continues. “In the group chat it will really happen when it becomes known – they will joke about it forever.”

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Sexiness isn’t just about looks – is it?

«People» kürt since 1985 a Sexiest Man Alive every year (except for 1994-2015, the editors made up for this and gave Keanu Reeves the title retrospectively), and by 2020 at the latest you have to ask yourself: Is such a (editorial-internal) choice in times of, for example, body positivity and prominent LGBTQI + representation still up to date? After all, all previous title holders are slim or even athletic, straight cis-men.

Again, sex does not have to be defined exclusively by appearance – even if it could use variety at the Sexiest Man Alive. What Michael B. Jordan considers sexy in addition to his appearance is, for example, his involvement in the “Black Lives Matter” movement or his company Outlier Society Productions, with which he to fight racism in Hollywood and promote diversity.

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