“people want to be part of the solution”, says Christine Mahy

The health crisis further aggravates the situation of the most precarious.

Christine Mahy, secretary general of the Walloon network for the fight against poverty, was the guest of Jeudi en Prime. His association is currently participating in various working groups, Task Forces, on the issue of poverty in the midst of a health crisis.

This Friday, an important meeting is being held to put this issue of social emergency at the top of the political agenda.

The tragic death of a young girl from Liège shook public opinion. She had just opened her barber hairdresser salon and had lost everything. How to avoid these swings towards precariousness? Social safety nets have already been put in place.

Right away, Christine Mahy notes that: “This second wave is much more serious than the first, something the horizon no longer sees which may well lead generalized depression “.


The Walloon network for the fight against poverty has a toll-free number: 1718.

This call center receives distress calls from the most vulnerable but notes that more and more freelancers are using them.

Workers, the self-employed find themselves having to turn to social services: “Pnobody wants to knock on the door of the CPAS, to reach out to get food, because people want to take responsibility, to fulfill themselves “, explains the secretary of the Walloon Network.

Thus the CPAS note that every month, the minimum integration income needs increase by 2%. They expect up to 30% of integration income to be paid in addition.


Aid is planned, the authorities have taken steps to come to the aid of the population but, notes Christine Mahy: “Lhe emergency plan is no longer enough! The emergency plan was not always adequate. […] Here, we are in a collapse of means and resources “.

If aid is provided, it is sometimes difficult for battered people to navigate. The show looks back on the suicide of a young trader from Liège, who had to close her barber shop.

There is a part of the independents who cannot find what door to knock on. […] These aids were also granted in a general way, with the windfall effects that there are for some, and the omissions that there are for others “.

For Christine Mahy, the authorities must take more account of the most vulnerable, involve them: “people want to be part of the solution “.

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