People’s Power Party leader Lee Jun-seok elected… 42% of the votes, first 30s in history

picture explanationPeople’s Power Lee Jun-seok, the new representative, shakes the party at the National Party Convention held at the Central Party in Yeouido, Seoul on the 11th. [사진출처=연합뉴스]

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Candidate Lee Jun-seok was elected as the new leader of the People’s Power.

The new president, who was so popular that the expression ‘a blast’ appeared throughout the election period, set a record as the first representative of the first opposition party in his thirties in Korean political history. The new president is 36 years old this year.

At the national convention held on the 5th floor of the People’s Strength Central Party on the morning of the 11th, Candidate Lee recorded 42% of the votes (total of 93,392 votes). The result is a combination of party member votes (70%) and opinion polls (30%).

Candidate Na Kyung-won came in second place with 31% (79,151 votes), and Joo Ho-young received 14% (29,883 votes)). Candidates Cho Kyung-tae and Hong Moon-pyo were followed by 6% (5988 votes) and 5% (4721 votes), respectively. In the party membership survey, Lee also gained 37% of the vote, leading by 4 percentage points to Na Kyung-won (33%), who ranked second. In addition, according to a public opinion poll, CEO Lee Jun-seok was counted with 55% of the votes, which is more than half of the votes. In a public opinion poll, Candidate Na Kyung-won received 27% of the vote.

[사진 = 연합뉴스]

picture explanation[사진 = 연합뉴스]

On this day, in his acceptance speech, the new leader said, “The thing I want to emphasize the most is coexistence.” He compared “Bibimbap is most appetizing when sometimes more than 10 kinds of garnish are placed on top of the rice while maintaining the taste, taste, and color of each.”

The new CEO set fairness as the number one value and explained specific changes for this.

As his first change after taking office, he proposed “an open competitive selection of a spokesperson through a detailed design of the civil service candidate qualification test, a debate battle, and a speech contest”. He also announced a schedule to select two spokespersons and two full-time spokespersons through a debate battle in June.

Candidate Jun-seok Lee was elected to the 30th representative for the first time in history at the National Strength of the People convention held on the 11th. [사진출처=연합뉴스]

picture explanationCandidate Jun-seok Lee was elected to the 30th representative for the first time in history at the National Strength of the People convention held on the 11th. [사진출처=연합뉴스]

On the other hand, he also mentioned women as if he was conscious of the point that only men in their 20s were used as their support base throughout the election period. New CEO Lee said, “We need to get rid of the obsession with ‘beauty’.” “Just as stressing ‘femininity’ to women is violence, I hope you don’t change your precious personalities while forcing someone to be ‘like’.” he emphasized.

As if to show the high interest, this election for the party representative recorded the highest turnout in the history of the electoral college with 45.36%. The election of the Supreme Council member and the Youth Supreme Council held together also recorded the highest turnout in history.

At the National Convention on this day, Cho Su-jin (first elected, proportional) Bae Hyun-jin (first elected, Songpa-eul, Seoul) Kim Jae-won and Jeong Mi-kyung were elected as the top members of the National Convention. Kim Yong-tae, chairman of the party members council, was elected as the youth supreme member.

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