Pepín declines to be CND honorary advisor

The businessman José Luis (Pepín) Corripio Estrada announced that he decided to decline the invitation to be an “honorary advisor” of the National Drug Council (CND) made by its president, retired General Jaime Marte Martínez, due to his multiple occupations and responsibilities.

Corripio Estrada recalled that he is always ready to fulfill his duty and obligation as a citizen and businessman to support any initiative that results in the improvement of Dominican society.

The businessman received at his residence the new president of the CND, Marte Martínez, who shared his plans and concerns in office.

In this context, the official handed him a button and expressed his wish for him to be a kind of honorary advisor to the Council.

“Thanking you for being kind, I have weighed my multiple responsibilities and occupations, for which I must decline that invitation,” said the businessman.


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