Pepsi encourages you to put milk in your soda

Soda giant Pepsi launched a campaign on Thursday that offers customers the chance to add milk to their soda and post their experience with the hashtag #PilkandCookies, with the chance to earn cash for Christmas .

“Combining Pepsi and milk has long been a secret trick shared by Pepsi fans,” said Todd Kaplan, marketing manager at Pepsi, according to CNN.

Pepsi is now promoting this concoction as part of the TikTok “dirty soda” trend, which involves mixing soda with syrup and cream.

“With the rise in popularity of the TikTok ‘dirty soda’ trend, we thought ‘Pilk and Cookies’ would be a great way to shamelessly celebrate the holidays,” Kaplan added.

To make the campaign even more attractive and to promote the mixture, Pepsi used the image of Lindsay Lohan, who stars in the Netflix Christmas movie “Falling for Christmas”.

The company even recommends a number of recipes for those who want to top the milk one, perhaps in hopes of launching their own viral combination drink.

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