Père Castor, hero of children’s literature for 90 years


France 3

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M.Buisson, C.-M.Denis, S.Testor, L.Barbier

France 3

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A 90-year-old character who always appeals to the youngest. The journalists of France 3 tell the fabulous story of Father Castor, a character created in 1931.

Since the 1930s, hundreds of books have honored the famous beaver with glasses on. On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, the Montreuil children’s book fair (XX) paid tribute to the character. Because stories always appeal to children. “It’s too well drawn! I love the story”, smiles a little girl. You have to go 40km from Limoges to discover the archives of the collection born in 1931. More images than texts in these works, according to the wishes of Paul Faucher, creator of Père Castor.

Even if the techniques have changed since the character’s birth, certain traditions remain, such as the use of the stencil. “There are still a lot of authors who have inspired me, and to be able to perpetuate this way of making books and highlighting drawing, I’m quite proud of it”, tells Donation Mary, who illustrated four of the albums in the collection. In total, 95 million copies of these French books have been sold worldwide.

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