Perfect for any winter look, this French manicure is the new trend.

If you love French manicure and follow its fashionable transformations, keep in mind. With the arrival of winter, the trend has changed again and now it should be worn in chrome, which goes great with all winter looks.

There are many ideas to showcase your pens in the best possible way. In a viral design that is already getting all the attention on popular social media, chrome can be worn in every metallic color imaginable, such as silver, gold or rose gold.

Pink jacket of the original form on well-groomed nails

On the other hand, the base of the nails should be very discreet so that the jacket stands out. To do this, just apply neutral tones that will never go out of style and are perfect for this winter, as well as a transparent varnish for a more natural and shiny effect.

Metallic French with sparkles on beautiful oval nails

As you will notice, chrome French manicure can be seen on all types of nails, from short or long to various shapes with a square or oval tip. On the other hand, it is important to note that this manicure can be worn not only in the classic French style on the tips of the nails, but also upside down.

Golden moon manicure on a matte base and medium length oval nails

Dare to join this winter trend? Remember that you can wear it on both natural and acrylic or gel nails. A chrome French manicure will add the finishing touch to your look, even if you don’t opt ​​for glitter or rhinestones, as the metallic color pairs perfectly with other trendy colors of this season, including the brightest ones.

1. Space chrome manicure is the new trend of winter 2023

Silver jacket on long oval nails

2. Blue jacket with a metallic finish will win you over

Blue metallic jacket on neat short nails

3. Choose a gold jacket for a chic winter look.

Metallic French manicure on square nails of medium length

4. Oval Shape for Impeccable Style

Golden french on long oval nails

5. For an unusual design, change the shape of the jacket and conquer everyone!

Silver jacket of the original form on well-groomed oval nails

6. Chrome jacket will be your ally all winter

Golden French on a milky basis on square nails of medium length

7. Don’t be afraid to use different colors, of course in chrome

Multi-colored metallic jacket on square nails of medium length

8. With such a cool jacket, success is guaranteed!

Winter gold jacket on long square nails

9. The season is near with a gift, remind it with your manicure

Silver jacket on square short nails with a gift pattern

10. This elegant rose gold jacket is a real piece of art.

Rose gold metallic french manicure on manicured oval nails

11. French manicure – a win-win choice

Metal winter jacket on sharp not long nails

12. We saw it for the first time yesterday and it has already become one of our favorite manicures.

Metallic french on square manicured nails

13. Design for stylish women

Winter gold jacket on square nails of medium length

14. French manicure will never let you down

Metallic french on long square nails

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