«Périscope» N° 32: Impeachment, again !

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We would like to move on, but how can we look away from the mind-blowing spectacle offered by the United States with the end of Donald Trump’s Dantesque reign? Such as Tully sculpt d’Asterix, this man has the natural gift of transforming everything he touches into conflict. His presidency hoot and dia did not herald a soft landing. Here we are, with an exit in violence and opprobrium.

Impeachment, again !

Supporters of Donald Trump are preparing to storm the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in Washington. STEPHANIE KEITH / REUTERS

Punish the invaders. The attack on the Capitol by energetic political activists on January 6, 2021 sparked fear and outrage in Congress, in the ranks of both parties. “Democracy under attack” count well if venger. Even Mitch McConnell, the great “Facilitator of Trumpism” for four years, would count on seizing this opportunity to “Purge” the Republican Party of its radical populists.

The The FBI is maneuvering to stop the picturesque breakers having seen fit to appear at the head of this violent troop – which left five dead behind

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