Permanent duos, card rotation and “The old ways” (event)

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From April 7, the event “The old customs” begins in Apex Legends. Players battle hordes of prowlers in “Bloodhound’s City Conquest” and collect event-exclusive skins like the “Young Bloodhound Skin”. The event runs until April 21. In addition, Respawn will add the mode “Duos” and card rotation permanently so that you can play duos or trios on the Royal Gorge and the edge of the world.
                                                Last current video: Event trailer The old customs

Overview: The old customs (according to EA)

  • “Duos & Royal Gorge – On April 7th, the mode ‘Duos’ will be permanently added to the existing ‘Trios’. There is also a permanent card rotation, which gives players the opportunity to play duos or trios on the Royal Gorge and the edge of the world play.
  • City Takeover – Bloodhound Trials – In this demarcated area in the northwestern part of Edge of the World, teams can battle a horde of prowlers for high-quality loot. However, players face an even greater danger: other legends that are also looking for prey. Exploring the area with a certain hunter could prove extremely rewarding.
  • Exclusive Event Prize Chain – Together with the event, Respawn is releasing a new prize chain with rewards inspired by the latest stories from the Outlands in the short old-fashioned video. As in previous events, players can earn up to 1,000 points per challenge set, and the challenge set changes daily.
  • Direktkauf-Shop – Event-exclusive legendary and rare skins, which were inspired by the short video ‘Die alten Sitten’, are available in the shop. The legendary hunting skins also return in the event of the same name. All eight original Legendary Hunting Skins will be available for direct purchase. There are also two recolored versions of the Wraith and R-301 skins that were previously reserved for Battle Pass owners. “



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