Perpignan: a man infected with Covid-19 for the second time in the space of a few months

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A business manager from Perpignan, already infected with Covid-19 in mid-March, tested positive again at the beginning of November. Extremely rare: a serological test carried out in June would have shown an absence of immunity in the young man.

The question of the duration of acquired immunity after infection with coronavirus is debated in the world of medical research, but for some people there would be no immunity at all. Kévin Alcaraz, a young entrepreneur from Perpignan, is one of about twenty people around the world to have experienced confirmed reinfection with Covid-19. According to him, there is no doubt: immunity does not exist against this virus.

A first infection in March

His first infection dates back to last March, as reported by our colleagues from The Independent. He had contracted the virus during a meal at a friend’s flight attendant. The symptoms arrived a week later: fatigue, migraines, cold sweats … The young man was not feeling well but did not directly think about Covid-19. It was after going for a run and feeling a burning sensation in his lungs that he decided to get tested. His PCR test confirmed his fears: he was positive for the disease.

Test carried out in June reveals absence of antibodies

After fifteen days of painful convalescence isolated in his apartment, he is showing increased vigilance against the virus. When he learns that one of his friends has been infected with a more serious form of the virus requiring hospitalization, he decides to do a serological screening in June. This turns out to be negative: the young man, who had contracted the virus a short time before, already had no more antibodies.

Uncertain about his vulnerability to a potential reinfection, the entrepreneur decides to restrict his social life and his outings to a minimum, to telecommute from home and to scrupulously respect barrier gestures.

A new infection in November

Despite all these precautions, at the beginning of November, he began to cough. Within two days, he developed aches and ophthalmic migraines. Fearing the worst, he went to the pharmacy for an antigen test. The verdict is in: he is again infected with Covid-19, in an aggravated form, seven months after his first infection.

He rules out a simple relapse because this time the symptoms are different from those of his first infection. The young man now suffers from a loss of taste and smell: a crippling affliction for the head of a company specializing in the creation of candles and home fragrances.

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