Peru Dollar Price TODAY according to Bloomberg Friday, February 25

The dollar in Peru opened the exchange session today, Friday, February 25, presenting a strong downward variation, according to information from Bloomberg.

During the first hour of the day, the exchange rate falls more than 1% in the Peruvian market after two days on the rise.

Dollar exchange rate on Bloomberg

According to the date of Bloombergat 09:00 a.m. on dollar opened the day with a price of S / 3.77 at the interbank level.

But after a few minutes the exchange rate I continue to go back and it was set at S / 3.75 in the Peruvian market.

For the time being, until about 10:00 am, the greenback has fallen about 1.26% in the Peru.

This result occurs in the midst of a volatile behavior of the markets at a global level after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to Reuters, this fall in the US currency occurs after the markets reversed some of the tumultuous moves of the previous day as the Russian invasion of Ukraine sent investors scrambling.

The agency notes that the United States, the European Union and some other countries responded with a wave of sanctions impeding Russia’s ability to do business in major currencies along with sanctions against banks and state-owned companies

How much is the dollar today in Peru

A recent report of how much is the indicates that in money changers the price of the dollar for the purchase is S/ 3.75 for the sale is S/ 3.80 on average.

In the digital exchange houses, it is reported that the green ticket is bought at S/ 3.75 and sold at approximately S/ 3.79.

Note that the exchange rate will continue to vary until today’s close at 1:30 pm, so these prices may still change.

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