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The Peruvian Government declared this Wednesday a state of emergency throughout the country for 30 days, which implies the suspension of assembly rights, inviolability of the home and freedom of transit, among others, while evaluating the possibility of declaring a curfew. .

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“The state of emergency has been agreed to the entire country, due to the acts of vandalism and violence, the seizure of highways and roads that are already stabilizing acts (…) and require a forceful and authoritative response,” Defense Minister Alberto Otarola said in a statement to the press.

The Government decreed this measure after the demonstrations and riots in recent days in various parts of the country where, for now, seven fatalities of protesters have been confirmed and more than a hundred injured police officers.

“A forceful response and authority from the Government are required,” said the minister in the courtyard of the Government Palace in a brief communication offered while a meeting of the Council of Ministers was taking place.

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He explained that in a few hours the rule decreeing a state of emergency at the national level for 30 days will be made official in a special edition of the official newspaper El Peruano, which means that the Peruvian National Police maintains control of internal order with the support of the Armed Forces.

“I want to remember that the declaration of the state of national emergency means the suspension of the rights of assembly, of inviolability of the home, freedom of transit, freedom of assembly,” Otárola said.

He pointed out that this measure has been motivated “so that citizens can have security and the certainty that we are controlling internal order and then we are going to ensure free transit and peace for all citizens,” he said, adding that it is necessary to protect strategic infrastructures to ensure the well-being and peace of citizens.

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He said that there is the possibility of also decreeing a curfew but that they have to define the legal framework of the norm.

The protests that have taken place in recent days, especially in the south of the country, call for the convocation of a constituent assembly, the advancement of elections, the closure of Congress, the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the release of ex-president Pedro Castillo, detained for several years. seven days after the failed self-coup.

This Monday, protesters invaded the airport of the second city of the country, Arequipa, and a dairy plant.

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This Tuesday, protesters took over a gas plant in the department of Cuzco and there have been numerous roadblocks, looting of shops or fires at public institutions in various parts of the country.


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