Peru will receive about 1.2 million doses against COVID-19 thanks to an agreement between Unicef ​​and the Serum Institute of India | Unicef ​​| COVID-19 | vaccines | LIME

Unicef announced that thanks to a long-term supply agreement with the Serum Institute of India, around 100 countries, including Peru, will have access to vaccines against COVID-19. According to a press release published by the international organization, Peru is among the 18 countries that will receive around 1.2 million doses from Pfizer / Biotech laboratories.

“Unicef ​​together with its allies in procurement, including the Pan American Health Organization (OPS), it will have access to up to 1.1 billion doses of vaccines for around 100 countries, for approximately US $ 3 a dose for low- and lower-middle-income countries, ”says Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director.

According to the head of the international organization, with these assignments, the governments and public health experts of the beneficiary countries can now begin to take the necessary steps for a successful initial distribution of vaccines against the COVID-19 for frontline healthcare workers, the first part of the largest vaccine supply and procurement operation ever.

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“Our country offices will support governments as they move forward with this first wave to ensure they are ready to receive vaccines, which require an ultra-cold chain,” Fore noted.

According to the provisional distribution forecast, among the first 18 countries that will receive the vaccines are Peru, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Colombia, El Salvador, Georgia, Maldives, Moldova, Mongolia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, South Africa, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the West Bank and Gaza.

The provisional distribution forecast provided by Unicef ​​specifies that Peru would receive a total of 1,770,600 vaccines against the coronavirus. (Photo: Unicef)

In the forecast provisional distribution provided by Unicef ​​specifies that Peru would receive, in total, 1,770,600 vaccines against the coronavirus.





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