Peruvian National Team: Carlos Zambrano told what Julio Bascuñán said to the Peruvian players during Peru vs. Brazil

The compromise between Peruvian and Brazilian Selection continues to generate controversy. Carlos Zambrano, who was sent off after a foul against Richarlison, spoke harshly against Chilean referee Julio Bascuñán.

Boca Juniors central made known what Bascuñán said to the players of the bicolor during the match at the National Stadium. “When we went to complain to the referee, he kept us completely silent. He conditioned us not to speak or else he took out a card; On the other hand, against the Brazilians, he didn’t say anything to them. All the calls for attention were for us “, Held.

“It caused us more and more helplessness and helplessness. ‘Even if it is, look at the play again’, (he told the referee). I did everything “sh, shut up.” Jefferson (Farfán), Renato (Tapia), we all laughed because it was inevitable. No matter how much we told him something, the referee charged all the divided ones in favor of Brazil “, added to the program the ‘Banda del Chino’.

The Chilean press noted that Bascuñán he lived through a “hell in Peru” after the South American Qualifiers meeting that had more than one controversial play.

After losing 4-2 to Brazil, the Peruvian National Team will focus on the next qualifying matches that will be against Chile and Argentina, to be played on November 12 and 17, respectively.


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