Peruvian national team: Ricardo Gareca chances of qualifying improve performance Russia 2018 with Qatar 2022

The peruvian team closed a chapter of terror at the beginning of the Qualifying Qatar 2022. That good performance in the America’s Cup 2019, where we achieved the runner-up, invited us to get excited about a better start than to Russia 2018.

However, in the interests of the ‘Tigre’ and the Peruvian people, the ‘Bicolor’ could not take hold. The duel against Paraguay in Asunción, where a draw was started, suggested that if we could be in a better position and look with greater resilience in 2021.

But the opposite happened: Peru reaped three consecutive defeats and received eight goals, something that had never happened in the Gareca era, which had been characterized by recovering that rhythm of Peruvian football as well as a solid defensive block.

The defeat against Argentina was within the papers, but due to the falls against Brazil (in Lima) and Chile (in Santiago) they forced the ‘Blanquirroja’ to capitalize the three units against the ‘ches’.

Furthermore, watching the spectacle shown by Ecuador against Colombia in Quito where the pupils led by Gustavo Alfaro overwhelmed, in an unprecedented match, by 6-1 a Colombia that surprisingly showed a weakening in its lines.

Can the Peruvian team reverse this situation?

The plan is more than simple, on paper and there is no other choice: add six units (or in the worst case scenario, four) against Bolivia (in La Paz) and Venezuela in Lima. There are no margins to re-close a double date with a period or zero.

If what was done in Russia 2018 is taken into account, the Peruvian team closed the first four dates with three units. This was the result of the victory of the ‘Bicolor’ against Paraguay in Lima.

Previously, they had lost to Colombia in Barranquilla (2-0), Chile in Lima (3-4), Brazil in Bahia (3-0). But if you run two more dates, that is, until the sixth, we close with four points: Uruguay in Montevideo (1-0) and tied against Venezuela in Lima (2-2).

This figure can be improved. As mentioned above, if Bolivia defeats in La Paz and Venezuela in Lima, two direct rivals for ‘Bicolor’ in their quest to reach the Qatar World Cup 2022, matchday 6 would be closed with 7 units.

This fact could us in an expectant scenario, obviously, seeing the results of the other teams. The table of positions indicates that Uruguay, who occupies the quota for the playoffs, has 6 units, that is, 5 points more than Peru. Anything can happen, but for this we are obliged to raise our performance.


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