Peruvian National Team: TAS ordered Pachuca to pay for the Christian Cueva case against Santos from Brazil | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

The novel is coming to an end. received welcome news from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), after filing a lawsuit against of Mexico for the transfer of in 2020, without having the approval of the sports area of ​​the Brazilian team for the negotiations.

According to Brazilian media, it will be 23.9 million Reais (almost 4.7 million dollars) that the Mexican club will have to pay to the whole of the city of Sao Paulo, where they consider they were affected by the agreements between the soccer player and the cast. Aztec, without his consent.

It should be noted that, although the decision of the TAS in the case Christian Cueva is appealable for Pachucaeverything indicates that Santos FC will win the lawsuit, putting the Mexican club that opened the doors to the national midfielder in serious trouble, who justified his departure from the Sao Paulo cast due to lack of payments.

After confirming that there was no reason for “Aladino” to leave the club, the Brazilians decided to file a lawsuit, the same one that directs all the paths towards compensation for the damages that the Peruvian National Team player caused them throughout that period. .

Cueva embroiled in another legal issue

Secondly, Christian Cueva and Alex Valera stopped being part of Al-Fateh, after it was stated that the club owed them more than two months of payment, which allowed them to activate their departure from the institution due to breaches of the contract by the club. However, the Arab group ruled on the issue, ensuring that the situation is different. How will this issue end for the footballer?

“The club management confirmed that the duo’s allegations are incorrect in everything and in detail, explaining that the players have received all their dues and the Al-Fateh administration stressed that it will not hesitate to knock on all legal doors and legitimate methods and take all measures that preserve the rights of the club”, reads the statement issued by the Saudi institution. There is a topic for a while.

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