Peruvian national team: Why Peru could depend on a Chile win to qualify for Qatar 2022 | 2022 Qualifiers | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

The You have many options to achieve your ranking by , but for this, he cannot yield points at home. He is forced to beat Ecuador and Paraguay at the National Stadium.

Ideally, Peru adds a win or draw in its visit to Colombia O Uruguay, something that would put him even much closer to Qatar 2022, but in case that does not happen and loses to the two aforementioned rivals, the Red-White can still cling to a hope.

For that to happen, Chile must not add to Brazil or Argentina, but the key would be Uruguay, a team that cannot add in its visit to Paraguay, on the same date where Peru will visit Colombia, both games in January.

If the Charruas do not add with the Albirroja, they will reach the last date with the obligation to win against Chile. La Roja with options (as long as Peru loses to Paraguay in Lima), will have to seek to close the Eliminatory with a victory at home against Uruguay, which will also seek the victory to qualify. A defeat of the celestial would make Peru achieve the quota for the playoffs.

The Conmebol Qualifiers will end on March 29, five months after the start of the World Cup. Unlike the other World Cup events that were normally played in June, Qatar’s will be in November, because in summer the heat reaches almost 50 degrees.



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