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the work of with the crossed borders, especially in Italy. The striker was born in that country and even wore the ‘Azzurra’ shirt. But that, by now, is part of the past. In fact, the present marks that the scorer was one step away from the World Cup and the national team that he once defended will not go to Qatar 2022.

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That mentioned detail has been highlighted by one of the most recognized media: the Gazzetta dello Sport. The sports newspaper dedicated an article to Bicolor’s advance to the playoffs, but focused on the role played by the ‘Bambino de los Andes’: scorer of the first goal in the 2-0 victory over Paraguay.

“There is still an Italian who dreams of the World Cup and it is Gianluca Lapadula”says the quoted newspaper. The reference is clear: the ‘Nazionale’ said goodbye to that option last week against North Macedonia during the European playoffs. Not only that, the transalpine accumulated two absences in the World Cup (he did not attend Russia 2018 either).

Immediately, the Gazzetta dello Sport delved into ‘Lapagol”s performance on the field of the National Stadium. “’Il Bambino’, as they call him in Peru, scored one of the goals that allowed the red and white to beat Paraguay and access the intercontinental playoff to fly to Qatar”add the note in the portal.

There was also a space for the emotional celebration of ‘Il Peruviano’ (he sang the emotional ‘Contigo Perú’) and he was moved by the atmosphere in the capital. “A very special evening, also finished off with a stick and with tears after the end of the match, which further consolidated the myth of Lapagol in the hearts of the Peruvian fans”indicate in Italy.

To close, a forceful paragraph about the different luck that ‘9’ had with the Azzurra and the Blanquirroja: “And above all something that Lapadula, unlike the Italian players, can boast about. And it is obvious that, after the elimination of Italy, many Peruvians on social networks make fun of the Azzurri for the lack of confidence in the one who later became the bomber of the South American team”.

The Gazzetta dello Sport should be referred to Gianluca Lapadula. (Photo: Captura)

The Series B message

Gianluca Lapadula’s work in Peru-Paraguay was not only recognized by all the fans of the team. In Italy, the country where he was born and develops his career, they were attentive to the striker’s performance. Thus, Serie B, the promotion tournament, dedicated a publication to the current Benevento player.

Through the official Instagram account, the Italian competition showed a postcard from the ‘Bambino de los Andes’ celebrating the conquest it achieved (1-0 on the day) against Albirroja. “Gianluca Lapadula in the goal in the match of his Peru against Paraguay”says the message from the Second Division championship.

Immediately, Series B has focused on the next challenge of ‘Lapagol’ and the Blanquirroja. “The Benevento striker will now try to drag the Peruvian team to the Qatar 2022 playoffs″, says the post. This was replicated by the national player on Instagram and, incidentally, he left a brief message: “Thanks!”he expressed.

Serie B's message to Gianluca Lapadula.  (Photo: Capture)
Serie B’s message to Gianluca Lapadula. (Photo: Capture)
The reaction of the fans after the triumph of the Peruvian team
The Peruvian team beat Paraguay 2-0 at the National Stadium and got the ticket for the playoff to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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