Perverted man kills cat “peeling and grinding meat mud”… The owner came to see cat corpses all over the floor and frightened the cat butcher and was arrested | International | CTWANT

A perverted man in Malaysia brutally killed dozens of cats in a rented house. (Schematic / Dazhi / Associated Press)

A perverted man in Malaysia brutally killed dozens of cats in a rented house, skinned them, skinned them, and even ground them into a pulp until the owner received a complaint about the stench from the house and came to investigate At that time, I was surprised to see that the house was full of cat corpses, and the tragic situation was like a Shura field. It is reported that the local police arrested the cat butcher two weeks after the incident, and the details are still pending further investigation.

The Malaysia Animal Association (Malaysia Animal Association) stated that the homeowner claimed that after receiving complaints from neighbors that his home unit in an apartment in Queenstown, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur was rented out to a local man (31 years old), the home came out. There was a stench, so when I went to check on the 11th of this month, I found that the house was full of cat corpses.

The owner found that the scene was horrible and the sanitation was very poor. The ground was full of cat corpses, some of which had been mummified and some had rotted. The association pointed out that the homeowner then reported the case to the Salak Sau Police Station in Kuala Lumpur, but the police refused to accept it because the case was not within the scope of the police.

The association pointed out that in fact, the police can invoke Section 428 of the Criminal Code for “cruelty to animals” to conduct investigations, so it regrets that the case was not accepted. If it receives relevant complaints afterwards, it will immediately submit all the information to the Animal Welfare Department of the Putrajaya Veterinary Bureau. , hoping that the latter will launch an investigation as soon as possible.

Assistant Superintendent Zhan Haring, director of the Cheras Police District, pointed out that after receiving the report, the police arrested the 31-year-old man involved in the case yesterday to assist in the investigation. Since the case is still under investigation, the police are temporarily unable to disclose any details.

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