Pesticides poison earthworms

On Saturday 5 December will be World Soil Day. It is also in the soil that we find the greatest number of species. If the earthworms reduced their activities with the cold a few days ago, they were activated by making small piles of earth loaded with magnesium, nitrogen … a real fertilizer. But it’s good quality soil that makes an earthworm happy.

To prove it, a study to be published in January in the journal Agriculture, ecosystems and the environment will confirm it to us. It was about” identify insecticides and herbicides in soil samples and 90% of the samples contained a mixture of at least one pesticide, but most worrying is that this chemical presence has even been revealed in non-chemical plots like grasslands.

The researchers observed their absence in 25% of cases and on nearly 80% of the worms analyzed, neonicotinoids have been found. It remains to be seen what the consequences are beyond earthworms, as explained by Vincent Bretagnolle, co-author of this survey and researcher at the CNRS.

“This is not the first time that pesticide residues have been searched for in earthworms, but it is the first time that this research has been carried out on such a spatial scale. This study reveals the spread of pesticides throughout the ecosystem, because traces were found in plots treated with pesticides but also in plots that were not treated (…) “, he indicated.

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