PET to PET: 1.1 billion bottles recycled despite CoV


PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH, based in Müllendorf (Eisenstadt-Umgebung district), recycled 28,200 tons of PET material last year. This corresponds to around 1.13 billion used bottles and represents a new high despite the CoV crisis, the company announced in a broadcast on Thursday.

In a difficult year due to the coronavirus crisis, an increase of 7.3 percent compared to 2019 was achieved. PET to PET kept production operations “almost continuously” despite the pandemic, said managing director Christian Strasser. The company’s manipulation areas were significantly enlarged in 2020. In addition, a second granulation plant was built to increase production capacity. This produces around two tons of food-grade PET recyclate per hour. A new silo has also been put into operation.

Andi Bruckner

Managing Director Christian Strasser

Separation of the bottle labels should be improved

This year, the separation of the bottle labels is to be improved within the production facility. In addition, according to Strasser, a new loading station for silo vehicles is planned. It is important that the population continues to dispose of all used PET bottles in the correct containers, Strasser appealed. “Every contribution and every PET bottle counts,” he said.

    PET to PET recycling plastic trash area Müllendorf area

Andi Bruckner

The Pet to Pet site in Müllendorf

New bottles made from PET flakes or PET granulate

At PET to PET, the PET bottles delivered are examined and sorted by hand, crushed into flakes in a mill and then washed. Then either PET flakes or PET granulate are produced. Both forms of recyclate are used in the manufacture of new PET beverage bottles.

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