Pfizer asks Invima for permission to apply its vaccine to Colombia

From this moment on, the Colombian health authority will have 10 business days to evaluate the information received and issue a decision regarding the emergency request. says Caracol Radio.

The station indicates that if approved in that period, whose deadline is January 18, the drug from the foreign pharmaceutical company would become the first vaccine to arrive and inoculate in the country.

According to the newspaper La República, the requirements demanded in decree 1787 include the results of its phase III study (clinical trials, with humans), which “demonstrate an efficacy of 95% when applying two doses and high safety in its use.”

If everything goes as planned, especially through the decree that President Duque issued to accelerate the approval of the vaccine, the drug would be applied in February 2021, by the time President Duque announced that 40 million vaccines would be available from different pharmaceutical companies.

Colombia would bring 9 million single-dose vaccines

On December 30, the president Ivan duque assured that the business is already closed to acquire 9 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, from the Janssen Laboratory.

“I want to confirm to all of you that after a negotiation process […] Today, the agreement with the pharmaceutical company Janssen, a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary, for the acquisition of 9 million vaccines for 9 million citizens has been concluded, ”said the head of state.

How were the 40 million vaccines against COVID-19 obtained?

Duque recalled that the Government’s strategy was to combine participation with the global Covax strategy while negotiations with pharmaceutical companies that made significant advances in the development of the vaccine against COVID-19.

So that, Ivan duque said “diversification was ensured “ thinking of greater coverage throughout the country to distribute the doses.

The president emphasized that they had been negotiating for several months, but that this process was done within the confidentiality.

He was also very specific in saying that the agreements are closed and that this process has not lent itself to speculation or to give partial information until the doses were assured.

The following video records President Duque’s announcement about a vaccination plan in Colombia:


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