Pfizer Covid Vaccine. New batch arrives in Mexico

This morning a batch with 852,150 doses of vaccines against covid-19 from the pharmaceutical Pfizer-BioNTech what sand they will distribute in 38 urban municipalities.

The doses will be distributed among the states of Querétaro, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City. At 9:30 a.m., flight 925 from Brussels, Belgium, arrived at platform 42 of the airport.

381,225 vaccines were landed at the site and will be distributed in the capital to continue vaccination for older adults.

Alexander Svarch, owner of Cofepris; Pedro Zenteno, director of Birmex and Ruy López, head of the National Center for Disease Control and Preventive Programs (Cenaprece), were in charge of receiving the biologists.

Guadalajara will receive 156 thousand doses, Monterrey 106 thousand 275 and Querétaro 208 thousand 650. Mexico has received a total of 4 million 691 thousand 775 doses from different laboratories such as: AstraZeneca, CanSino, Pfizer, among other.

Ruy López, head of the Dinner, he commented that the vaccines were distributed to 15 deep-freezing nodes, and it is that this biologist requires a temperature of -70 degrees. In addition to the corresponding authorities, these centers have been verified for use in regional distribution.

“Once they are distributed in the 15 freezing centers at the regional level, they will be distributed to freezers or deep freezing spaces in each of the states,” he said.

He reiterated that in March and April all older adults will be vaccinated, in accordance with the national vaccination plan. Svach Pérez said that Cofepris works to guarantee the surveillance of the quality, efficacy and safety of these vaccines.

“As each shipment we verify that our sanitary operation commission is prepared and in complete coordination with the SAT, Marina, Sedena and Birmex to verify the sanitary conditions of the shipment,” he explained.

Pedro Centeno, from Birmex, the company in charge of importing the vaccines, pointed out that this week the vaccination will begin in the different municipalities and added that another shipment of Pzifer will arrive next Tuesday.

“More than 100 million vaccines have already been purchased and we are waiting for the delivery in accordance with the contracts to be completed in a timely manner,” he concluded.

Today the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, reported that las first doses of CanSino vaccine against covid-19, which are packed in Mexico, will be ready on Saturday.

In a morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Foreign Minister explained that the doses will begin to be used this month, after the packaging of the first batches began on February 24.



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