Pfizer delays delivery of vaccines for a month

Faced with an international commitment established by Pfizer with the United Nations, in order to raise its production to 2 billion vaccines against Covid-19 per year and benefit poor countries, Mexico will stop receiving doses of this pharmaceutical until February 15.

Now, Mexico accelerates with the Russian government the purchase of 12 million doses of Sputnik-V to immunize 6 million people, detailed the Secretary of the Treasury, Arturo Herrera. It works with the Chinese vaccine of CanSino and according to the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, awaits the production of AstraZeneca in national territory of the biological product with the arrival, from Argentina, of the active substance for its packaging.

At a press conference, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health (Ssa), assured that 219 thousand 350 doses of the vaccine will arrive today Pfizer against Covid-19, and on January 25 and the next February 2 and 9 there will be no doses of this pharmaceutical company, but a replacement will be made by February 15.

“We will have a postponement until February 15, shipments of January 25, February 2 and February 9 will not arrive, but there is replacement, the three shipments that will not occur as planned will enter an even greater supply,” said Undersecretary López-Gatell Ramirez.

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The official assured that despite the delay in the delivery of the biological, Mexico will be able to comply with the immunization of health personnel and explained that a safeguard of 8% of vaccines was made to apply second doses; However, it will be necessary to wait for the decision of the technical advisory group to know if the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) about giving the second dose of the vaccine 28 or 42 days later.

“We commented on it, 8% of the last shipment was reserved to protect the second doses, it is important that those who received the first receive the second in adequate time. But it is also very important to consider dose deferral. With gaining 28 days instead of 21 days we have a substantial number of health personnel who may not be 21 but 28 and tomorrow we will know the agreements of Mexico with Pfizer, regarding not being three weeks of shortages but that we have anticipated the supply of vaccines ”.

Regarding the postponement to apply the second doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the undersecretary recalled that on January 8, the WHO published an internal guide on Covid vaccination, and with the aim of expanding coverage, recommended delaying the second dose: ” This is based on scientific evidence that shows that there is no significant difference if it is deferred up to 28 days, based on information from clinical trials, the idea is formulated that it could be deferred up to 42 days, this is a WHO recommendation that is on interim guidance.

Analysis of the technical advisory group

“In Mexico today the technical advisory group on vaccination is meeting and will analyze this scientific evidence and for its part Pfizer will have to pronounce on what the WHO recommends,” he said.

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If the government of Mexico decides to use the next shipment of 219 thousand 500 vaccines from Pfizer to complete vaccination schedules against Covid-19, this amount will be enough for those people who were immunized until last January 13 and the total number of health professionals With its complete scheme it would be 237 thousand 417.

To date, the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has applied 492,529 vaccines against Covid, and only 6,529 health workers have completed its scheme.

Until January 13, the date on which the mass vaccination among health personnel of up to 11 categories began, 237 thousand 417 doses were applied, subtracting from the more than 6 thousand who have already received their second dose, the federal government could complete the scheme of those who were vaccinated up to this date.

But from there, you would have to receive the next maximum vaccine shipment on February 3 to apply the second dose on February 4 in those who were vaccinated on January 14, in such a way as not to exceed the 21 days in which they are must complete the vaccination schedule. Given this scenario, the government will analyze if the application of the second doses differs.

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On January 15, Pfizer reported that starting this week it would delay the delivery of its vaccines because it needed to prepare to increase its production capacity.

“They are working hard to deliver more doses than initially planned for this year, although this will impact shipments in late January and early February, it will provide a significant increase in the doses available to patients in late February and March”, the pharmaceutical company said in a statement.


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