Pfizer vaccine: Two people report allergic reaction in UK – Health

Two people who were immunized this Tuesday in England with the
Pfizer / BioNTech covid-19 vaccine had an allergic reaction from which they have already recovered and British regulators have advised those with a clinical history of severe allergies not to receive this preparation.

The public health (NHS, in English) in England confirmed this Wednesday that two health workers suffered a reaction after receiving the first of two doses of the vaccine on Tuesday, on the first day of the British vaccination program against covid-19 .

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The Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued the warning for all those people who have experienced severe allergic reactions to drugs, some foods or other in the past

The NHS in England stated that all English hospitals participating in this program have been informed. Regulators ask that the centers where the vaccines are being administered have adequate facilities to attend to those affected in the event of some type of reaction.

Apparently, these two workers have a clinical history of severe allergies when carrying adrenaline auto-injectors, according to the British media this Wednesday. Shortly after being vaccinated, the two health workers suffered an “anaphylactic reaction”, but they recovered once they received the proper treatment, according to health authorities.

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These types of reactions are sudden and generalized, often beginning with a tingling sensation and dizziness.

Immunizations began yesterday in fifty large hospitals in the United Kingdom, in what the Government has called “V-Day” (day of the V or vaccination).

The first doses are intended for those over 80 years of age and employees of the health sector and nursing homes, although the residents themselves will have to wait for logistics to allow the transfer to the place of the vaccine in the coming days. The United Kingdom has committed 40 million vaccines, which will immunize 20 million people.

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