Pfizer’s Covid vaccines on the production chain in Belgium (video)

It’s a video of hope. Images that millions of people have been waiting for several months. This Sunday, Pfizer gives a glimmer of optimism in the fight against the coronavirus, at a time when the majority of the countries of Europe are strengthening its measures.

Images of the production line for the Covid-19 vaccine have been released by the pharmaceutical giant. “Several hundred thousand doses” of Pfizer’s vaccine are said to have been produced and would be ready for distribution, once clinical trials have been completed (and subject to success).

This is a production “at risk” since the tests are not finished. But the first results of their tests are encouraging and the company is taking the risk of starting production while waiting to see what happens next. Because among the volunteers, some have already received the second dose of the vaccine and it seems to be working since they would be protected, according to the information we were able to collect.

These vaccines could still be thrown away if the results are not good. The firm hopes to be able to begin distribution in December and produce 100 million doses this year, says the Nieuwsblad. Figures that are expected to exceed one billion vaccines in 2021.


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