Pharmaceutical Association, ‘2021 Pharmaceutical Patent Response Strategy Consulting Support Project’

The Korea Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Association (Pharmaceutical Association) announced on the 10th that it would carry out the ‘2021 pharmaceutical patent response strategy consulting support project’ to establish effective patent strategies for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies in Korea.

Panoramic view of Korea Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Association.

The purpose of this project is to support domestic pharmaceutical companies in developing competitive products such as late-generation drugs or IMDs based on their patent strategies, and to help them preemptively review patent issues for smooth overseas advancement. All. The Pharmaceutical Association has been operating the business on consignment from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety since 2015.

Consulting costs for patent analysis and patent strategy establishment of pharmaceutical companies are supported by the government. The Pharmaceutical Association plans to select a support target through screening among applicants with annual sales of less than 150 billion won for the past two years. Pharmaceutical companies selected as support companies can receive consulting from experts in the field of drug approval and intellectual property rights.

Consulting agencies and pharmaceutical companies match and apply for this project together, or if additional consulting is required for drug development and production among the projects that received consulting support in 2016-2020, it is also possible to apply.

The scope of consulting that can be received from this project is ▲ patents for registered drugs ▲ analysis of other patents (composition, crystalline form, etc.) and suggestion of R&D direction ▲ judgment of patent infringement or review of the possibility of patent evasion.

According to a survey conducted on companies that have been supported so far, 4 cases of product license acquisition over 5 years, 2 cases of priority sale item permission acquisition, 9 cases of patent application and preparation for registration, 6 cases of concrete overseas expansion strategy, clinical and non-clinical trials There were tangible results, including 2 cases and 10 cases of formulation research.

Pharmaceutical companies and consulting organizations interested in the business can visit or mail the original application and attached documents attached to the announcement of the ‘2021 Pharmaceutical Patent Response Strategy Consulting Support Project’ on the Association’s website by 6 pm on the 16th. .

Eom Seung-in, head of the policy division of the Pharmaceutical Association, which is in charge of this project, said, “This project is a practical help for domestic pharmaceutical companies, which lack the ability to respond to patent disputes or patent strategy establishment, to establish a preemptive patent strategy through expert consulting “In addition to tangible achievements such as obtaining product licenses and realizing export strategies, it is meaningful that SMEs have contributed to recognizing the patent problem as an opportunity for new leaps and bounds rather than as a barrier to entry,” he said.

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