“Pharmaceuticals”: ​​Providing 4 alternatives to Actemra to treat the symptoms of corona, after its production stopped globally

Ali Auf, head of the General Division of Medicines, Food Supplements and Cosmetics at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, revealed that 4 alternatives to the Actemra preparation used to treat symptoms of critical cases infected with the Corona virus, after its recent production stop.

And the production and supply of Actemra was stopped worldwide until the month of December, so that the producer could restore its ability to produce as a result of severe pressure and the global need for the preparation during the past periods and since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

Ali Auf, head of the General Division for Medicines, Food Supplements and Cosmetics at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said in a statement to “The Seventh Day” that the Medicines Authority granted an emergency use license for Sotrovimab on July 15, 2021, as well as for Regeneron on August 31, 2021, in addition to issuing an import approval. For a combination preparation called Bamlanivimab
& Etesevimab on August 11, 2021, and the import has already taken place and the Ministry of Health received the product, and an import approval was issued for another alternative on September 13, 2021 for sarilumab.

He continued: During the last period, the Egyptian Medicines Authority, within the framework of its plan and its preparations for the fourth wave, made a strategic stockpile of the Actemra preparation and provided it with the Unified Purchase Authority and the Egyptian Company, and the disbursement is still being done through it after the global halt.

He continued: In parallel, the Medicines Authority sought to provide treatment alternatives, and in coordination with the Ministry of Health and university hospitals, it was approved to include new treatment alternatives to the Corona protocol, especially critical cases.

He said, “Recently, it has been noticed that the demand for the Actemra injection, which is used to treat the symptoms of critical cases of corona, has increased, and he added: The alternatives are characterized by their great results and are less in side effects.”

He explained, that the purchasing and coordination authority was addressed with the Ministry of Health and universities to use alternative preparations, and quantities of new alternatives are being provided and pumped into the private sector and disbursed based on medical reports and under the supervision of the treating physician, adding that the Actemra is currently being dispensed from the stock available in the ambulance pharmacy.


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