Pharmaceuticals promise vaccine for next year

In a forum held by the Latin American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Fifarma), the main companies in the search for a vaccine against COVID-19 reiterated that they hope to have ready the formulas to neutralize the virus by the end of 2020 or at the latest in early from 2021.

According to Rafael Andrés Diazgranados, executive director of Fifarma, to date 25 clinical studies of potential vaccines against COVID-19 are being carried out, and 139 preclinical trials are already underway.

He highlighted the fact that four formulas are already in phase 3, that is, it is being verified how effective and safe they are.

Representatives from Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Janssen, Sanofi and MSD offered some reassurance due to the speed with which trials of potential vaccines have been developed.

Tausif Butt, representative of Astrazeneca, a firm that works in alliance with the University of Oxford, explained that the pharmaceutical companies are taking risks that they had always taken, but this time they are doing it in an accelerated way without endangering people’s lives. .

Graciela Morales, representative of Pfizer, expressed in the virtual discussion that they are working under the commitment to have results on their vaccine in October, to start production in order to distribute it equally at the end of the year. According to Morales, Pfizer’s goal is to produce 1.8 billion vaccines for the whole world in the remainder of 2020 and 2021.

Along the same lines, Aymant Chit, from Sanofi, indicated that this pharmaceutical company expects to have test results for September, but was clear in admitting that the first production of vaccines is scheduled for early 2021, calculating its distribution by the middle of that year. year.

Janssen representative Josue Bacaltchuk celebrated the joint way in which the pharmaceutical industry has been working to find safe formulas and combat COVID-19.

Bacaltchuk said that it is still too early to drop prices for possible vaccines. According to him, it is still unknown whether one or two doses are required to produce immunity, and it is also unknown how long the effect will take.

Janssen, according to his representative, calculates to produce a billion vaccines in 2021 since the joint objective is to immunize at least 20% of the planet’s adult population.

The pharmaceutical companies agreed that it will be necessary to have several formulas to alleviate the COVID-19 attack since a single company will not supply the world need.

“We hope that this is a lesson for the future, to fight other diseases and to be able to develop solutions in a short time as we are doing now,” reiterated Graciela Morales, from Pfizer.

Another point on which the experts agreed is that the world must have patience because although efforts are being redoubled to have a vaccine in the shortest possible time “that does not mean that we are talking about a short term.”


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