Pharmacies are also allowed to inject: Johnson accelerates the vaccination

Pharmacies are also allowed to inject
Johnson accelerates the vaccination

The contagion dynamic in Great Britain is dramatic, in London the incidence is over 1000. Prime Minister Johnson is now putting everything on a rapid vaccination campaign. The vaccination centers will soon be open 24 hours and pharmacies will be able to administer the vaccine immediately.

In the UK, pharmacies are now also offering vaccinations against the coronavirus. The step is intended to help increase the vaccination rate. The government plans to vaccinate up to 15 million people from the largest risk groups by mid-February. “Pharmacies play a central role in the fight against Covid-19,” said Claire Anderson of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Several chains such as Boots and Superdrug, but also independent pharmacies, received the first deliveries. By the end of February, “hundreds” of stores are said to be able to vaccinate people.

Six pharmacies in England have started administering the corona vaccine.

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According to government information, more than 3.2 million doses against the virus have been administered across the country. In view of the rapid spread of what is believed to be a much more contagious virus variant, the government is counting on an early effect of mass vaccination. The health system is under considerable pressure; according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, around 70 percent more corona patients are treated in the clinics than at the height of the first wave in April.

Vaccination in 24-hour operation

In view of these high corona numbers, vaccinations will soon be available around the clock in Great Britain. Prime Minister Johnson announced in parliament on Wednesday that 24-hour vaccination centers would start operating “as soon as possible.” Currently, however, a shortage of vaccine is holding back an even faster vaccination campaign.

Criticism came from opposition leader Keir Starmer. The Labor leader accused Johnson of waiting too long before tightening the lockdown measures. “Can the Prime Minister tell us why on earth the restrictions are looser than they were last March when the number of hospitalizations and deaths are much higher?” Johnson replied that the country was going through “the toughest times” but that vaccinations are a way out.

Long waiting times in emergency rooms

Because of the congestion, there are long waiting times in the emergency rooms. In the week leading up to January 10, more than 5,500 patients in England had to wait more than an hour to be admitted, according to data from the NHS health service. That is the highest level this winter. More than 9200 other patients had to wait 30 to 60 minutes. The waiting time until the recording in the emergency room has been completed is recorded. Many hospitals have little space for other operations and measures. The number of patients who generally waited to be admitted to the clinic rose to 4.46 million at the end of November, the highest level since records began. This shows the “catastrophic effects” of the coronavirus, said chief of the Royal College of Surgeons of England surgeons Neil Mortensen. “When this crisis is over at some point, we need sustainable investments to treat those who have waited patiently,” he warned.

Great Britain is particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic compared to other European countries. The so-called seven-day incidence – the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week – is just under 600 nationwide. In the capital, London, the value is even more than 1000.


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