On Sundays only medicine will be sold and the supply of groceries and other items is suspended.

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Writing / La Voz de Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán. Guadalajara pharmacies will only sell medicine starting at 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and from that time they will suspend the sale of groceries and other types of items and services offered in the Morelia branches.

In addition, on Sundays they will only have medicine sales and the pharmacy service will be maintained 24 hours a day.

“By official provision, the self-service sale will only be from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Only medicine will be sold on Sunday. 24-hour pharmacy, ”says a sign posted outside one of these establishments.

This Wednesday the state government tightened measures to reduce infections and hospitalizations due to COVID-19, among which are the closure of non-essential activities from Thursday to Saturday from 7:00 PM and total closure on Sundays throughout the state.

The only establishments that can remain open after 7:00 pm are pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and take-out restaurants and food businesses.

From now on, Guadalajara pharmacies strictly comply with the provisions and from 7:00 pm they will only sell medicine in the capital of Michoacán.

This Friday, Morelia registered 56 new cases of COVID-19, as well as 14 more deaths. It is the only municipality in Bandera Roja and is the epicenter of the epidemic in Michoacán.

The state capital accumulates so far 9,245 accumulated cases of COVID-19, of which 760 died, 7,801 have already recovered and 684 are active cases.