Pharmacist donates her own contribution to FFP2 masks on the blackboard: “Tafel” is happy about the donation!

What is often annoying for some can also be a reason for others
Be joy. We’re talking about FFP2 masks. By distributing them, the Velbert pharmacist Doris Blendowski was able to present a donation of 1000 euros to the Niederberg food bank.

Masks protect and recently made faces smile. The reason for this was a donation campaign by the Velbert “Apotheke am Berg” and the Heiligenhauser “Owl Pharmacy”. If the FFP2 masks provided by the health insurance companies are issued to older citizens, the recipient pays a contribution of two euros. Owner Doris Blendowski, collected this contribution for a donation to the Niederberg table. It supports the ongoing operation of the six issuing offices with 1000 euros. “A great idea”, think Tanja Högström, team leader and coordination of Tafel Niederberg and the volunteers. “The Niederberg table has, among other things, additional expenses for FFP2 masks, gloves, disinfectants and partitions. Since the first lockdown, there has also been a home delivery service for older and mobility-impaired dinner guests. There are now more gasoline costs. ”The need for food is still huge, but the inhibition threshold, especially for older people, is high in times of pandemics. “We have therefore revised our strategy for awarding contracts and changed the processes. There are no longer queues and the handover is completely contactless, ”says Högström. In addition, the board could also be a point of contact for people who have lost their jobs or are on short-time work. “Nobody has to shy away from applying for the Tafelkarte. After all, every table guest is also a food saver, ”says the table coordinator. There has also been one downer since Corona: lunch is canceled. “We’re not just a supplier. We meet people, we give help and we ensure social contacts. This ‘life’ in the locations has broken down. As a result, fewer donations are received. ”All the more reason they are delighted with the donation from Doris Blendowski. “Since we are 100 percent financed by donations, donations like these and, above all, permanent donations are important. They give us support in these difficult times. “
Doris Blendowski’s mask campaign will run until the end of March.

Further information is available at:
Tanja Högström will be happy to answer any questions you may have at 0171/561 8886.
Donations are possible at:
Bergische Diakonie
IBAN: DE65 3702 0500 0000 474747
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