Phil Spencer drops that they are working on revisions and new Xbox Series models

Phil Spencer is being one of the protagonists of the weekend thanks to an interview he has given to the Kotaku medium that is leaving us with a few news about the future of the Xbox brand and Xbox Series X / S It will be released in Spain on November 10, 2020 at a price of 499 and 299 euros respectively.

During the interview, Kotaku asked Phil Spencer if they were planning to introduce new models of SSD storage drives on the new Xbox consoles to reach the speeds of the PS5 SSD which, at the moment, is superior in that respect despite the fact that the Xbox Series X / S SSDs have proven to be most capable with incredible load times thanks to the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

I think, as you have seen in past generations, we will interact with the hardware. We have already started, right? Our team doesn’t leave when we close the specs. “says Phil. “Everything has its cost, that is always an important aspect. How to reduce the cost of the console in the parts that are already there; But areas are also analyzed in terms of what are the next touch-ups that could be done?

These changes or interactions with the Xbox Series may go from small touches to lower costs, reduce the size of the console or improve its energy efficiency, something that happens with all consoles in all generations that are receiving small improvements in their models that do not mean that we are facing new models.

But we could also be facing another way of Microsoft of launch new Xbox Series models during the generation since, without going any further, Xbox One has evolved to give us three different models, starting with the standard to move to the Xbox One S and, later, to the Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X has lower temperatures than Xbox One X or PS4 Pro

Related to Xbox Series X this week we also discovered that Microsoft’s new console reaches temperatures that are lower than those of Xbox One X or PS4 Pro at least with backward compatible games like Hitman 2 where it reaches an average temperature of 47.7, below the Xbox One average of 52.1 or the PS4 Pro average of 62.5.


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