Phil Spencer opens up about Bethesda, Nintendo and the next-gen

It’s during a long interview for the site Kotaku what Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox division, spoke on various topics concerning the recent and future news of the brand at the dawn of the release of the consoles Xbox Series X|S.

A turning point for the manufacturer who is thinking big for the next generation through not only its two consoles at very different prices, but also an ecosystem that aims to retain and introduce players to the Xbox brand on several media with renowned studios under his bosom; but while Bethesda has just entered the fold of the giant, several questions remain nonetheless.

A 60 fps badge for Xbox Series X compatible titles on the Microsoft Store

Perhaps the most significant news of the past month was Microsoft’s takeover of ZeniMax, the parent company of developers and publishers Bethesda, Id Software and others in a $ 7.5 billion deal – such a cost that raised several questions for the company. future of the Xbox ecosystem in relation to its exclusives: apart from the games already announced for release on PlayStation 5 such as Deahtloop, will these future Microsoft licenses be published (such as Elder Scrolls VI for example) with the competition to amortize the repurchase?

I want to be clear on this. This deal was not made to prevent games from being released to another player base like this. Nowhere in the documentation did it say: “How can we prevent players from playing these games?” We want more people to be able to play the games, not the other way around. ” explains Spencer. “But I would also add […] when I think about where people will be playing and how many devices we have, and we have xCloud and Game Pass and our console database, I don’t have to go and publish these games on any platform other than that those we support to make this agreement work for us.”

No other Switch projects planned

Some gamers may have been surprised to see Microsoft release their previous console exclusives on Nintendo Switch when Cuphead made its arrival on the Japanese hybrid more than a year ago; followed two other tricky platforms with the duology Ori and the Blind Forest followed by Ori and the Will of the Whisps one year later.

Two Xbox One exclusives that land at the competition: it did not take more for some fans to see a solid rapprochement in the long term with the fantasy of other Microsoft licenses landing at the Japanese publisher – but Spencer prefers to be clear on the subject by stating that such a strategy of publication of titles on a case-by-case basis “would not be viable” : “To really be able to hold this, I wish there was the entire Xbox ecosystem somewhere. And that would probably want to include things like Live and Game Pass and the like.“, A direct statement of the group’s current strategy.

You should probably not expect to see Halo and others land on Switch.


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