Phil Spencer’s hand-signed Xbox Series X for sale on eBay | Xbox one

If, like (too) many players, you are, reluctantly, a victim of the current craze around NextGen consoles and the Xbox Series X in particular (adding a zest of shortage of models available for sale in stores …), rejoice, because today is your lucky day!

Well, we’ll tell you right away, you’ll have to watch out, because this one (yes, there is only one) may leave quite quickly. And then until you do, get ready to blow your Livret A, because it will cost you an arm and a leg. But hey, when you love …

Know, however, that at the same time, you will not regret it. First because the Series X is the most beautiful (who said Fanboy?), And then you will be the proud owner of an absolutely u-ni-que model since on the sides of the beast will have been affixed in his hand the signature of the one and only (yes, I’m repeating myself, and so …) Phil Spencer in person, accompanied for the glory of his gamertag (P3, for close friends), history of playing in multi between people good company.

Interested? Yes ? So go to the auction site eBay. As I speak to you, the auction is currently at $ 3,200 (I told you: one arm …) and will end on February 2. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the New York Videogame Critics Circle (as you wish), an organization that helps game creators, but also disadvantaged young people. So if in addition it is for a good cause, there is more to hesitate!

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