“Philadelphia” is Rigo’s bet with the Mexicans Fano, Callejo and Daaz

With mergers of urban elements with soul, blues, pop and northern corridos, the artist seeks to captivate the Latin public and this time he joins three Mexicans to capture the characteristic sounds of his native country, the United States.

“Rigo V with the flow of Fano, Callejo and Daaz conceived

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“Rigo V with the flow of Fano, Callejo and Daaz conceived” Philadelphia “as the bet to be the most important song at the end of the year.

The North American artist with Nicaraguan roots, Rigo V, presents his musical proposal with the single “Philadelphia”, a song that highlights her urban style and that highlights characteristic sounds of the culture of her native country, the United States, to sing about the attraction and feeling generated by a Colombian woman.

The single that was produced by Puerto Rican Oby The One, fuses the vocal capacity of Rigo V with the flow of the revelation artists of the Mexican Caribbean Fano, Callejo and Daaz, in a plate featuring sensuality and the different tempos of trap.

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“Philadelphia” is accompanied by an audiovisual production, directed by Omar Montor and Mara Castro, which conceptualizes complicity and raises the two facets of the protagonist in the midst of the paradisiacal landscapes of the Caribbean.

The artist seeks to conquer the Colombian scene and throughout his career as a singer he has explored different musical styles, such as R&B, pop and of course his favorite reggaeton, a style with which he made his way into the music industry and has allowed him to work with renowned artists such as Nova la Menace (former member of the duo Nova and Jory), Franco the Gorilla, Randy, among many others.

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I want to go to many places with my music, meet beautiful cultures and people who bring something positive to my life and for my career, but above all that each of my songs reach many hearts. ” The singer affirms that he is committed to merging urban elements with soul, blues, pop and northern corridos within a personal label, with which he seeks to captivate the Latin public.

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