Philip opened his heart for the first time after moving to the port Help the team hunt for success on the Asian stage.

after the army “Sing Chao Tha” Port Authority FC has launched Philip Roller, a 26-year-old Thai-German footballer, the owner of the Thai goal scorer in the 2020/21 Thai League battle, joins the team to join the AF battle. C Champions League 2021 group stage group J, where “Lee the Harbor” is the host. Between 24 June – 9 July 64 and joins to strengthen the Sing Chao in the Thai League 2021/22 battle

Recently, Philip Roller has come out to open up his feelings for the first time after moving to play in the Pat Stadium, saying, “It’s a new challenge that I’m going to face. Of course, what we have to do is to help the team achieve as much success as possible in both the ACL and the Thai League.”

“Adaptation is no problem. I have been playing in the Thai League for quite a long time. including playing with some port players in the Thai national team stage It made me quite familiar with my teammates. Of course, the competition in the team right now is very high. So I will train well to prove myself to the best of my ability to get the chance to play.”

“Thank you to the fans for welcoming me. Today I have become part of the Singha Chao Tha family. I would like to ask everyone to support us in the ACL at the end of June. including supporting each other all the time.”

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