Philipp Blom: “We have to rethink people”

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The historian and publicist Philipp Blom sees our model of civilization in the end. About climate, viruses, sick consumption, the wrong image of the Enlightenment – and how we can build our own St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The Press: Everyone is deeply concerned about Corona, not you. Why?

Philipp Blom: There was not enough time to think. I could not say anything that is ahead of the general chatter – so just chatter. Then I would fit into a liberal or a left drawer. I’m not interested. Just so much: We are now experiencing how little we are above nature. That the most advanced civilization can be brought to a standstill by a stupid little RNA chain from an animal market in China. That we are vulnerable organisms and that we cannot tame nature.

Your topic remains the “climate catastrophe”?


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