Philipp Mickenbecker is dead – YouTube star was only 23 years old

Mourning the “Real Life Guy”
“We were all with him”: Youtuber Philipp Mickenbecker succumbs to cancer

“Philipp passed away in the hospital last night”: The Youtuber Philipp Mickenbecker is dead, as his relatives announced on Instagram

The Youtuber Philipp Mickenbecker is dead. The 23-year-old internet star made his cancer diagnosis public and let his fans participate in his fight against the disease.

The well-known Youtuber Philipp Mickenbecker, 23, is dead. His relatives announced this on Thursday evening. “Philipp passed away in the hospital last night. We were all with him,” said an Instagram post on the official “The Real Life Guys” account. Over 1.3 million people follow the YouTube channel of the same name.

Philipp Mickenbecker dies: “He was completely at peace with the situation”

“He’s been in a lot of pain in the last few weeks,” it said, “and we’re sure he’s in a better place now.” In October 2020, Mickenbecker End-stage lymphatic cancer diagnosed, since the diagnosis, he had kept giving his fans health updates. Recently the Youtuber’s condition had worsened and he had to to be hospitalizedbecause he had lost a lot of blood.

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Now Mickenberger has succumbed to his ailment at the age of 23. “Philipp was completely at peace with the situation and was very happy about all your prayers,” said the Instagram post. “We are incredibly grateful to have had such an incredibly great friend and are grateful for every moment that we have been able to experience with him over the past few years.”

Mickenbecker has been running the YouTube channel “The Real Life Guys” with his twin brother since 2016. They entertained hundreds of thousands of viewers with spectacular experiments – per video.

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