Philippe Katerine, Clara Luciani and Alain Souchon…

Clara Luciani at the 35th Victoires de la Musique, February 14, 2020. Gilles GUSTINE – FTV – France Televisions

The verdict has fallen. Presented by an army of presenters (Daphné Bürki, Faustine Bollaert, Julian Bugier, Laurent Ruquier …), the 35th Victoires de la Musique dedicated the artists who marked the year 2019. A ceremony marked by the removal of all categories musical genres (rap album, world music, electronic music, etc.), and
a controversy around the lack of diversity among the singers and singers named.

Tensions that did not prevent Philippe Katerine, Clara Luciani or Alain Souchon from being crowned. 20 minutes invites you to discover the complete list of these 35th Music Victories:

Male artist: Philippe Katerine

On the impetus of his crazy peplum album confessions Released this fall, the artist, very offbeat in French song, was therefore crowned best male artist. “A month ago, I thought Philippe, you suck as a singer,” said the artist when he received his award. 20 minutes returns for you and in pictures on the career of this unclassifiable singer.

Female artist: Clara Luciani

We bet on Angèle … But it was Clara Luciani who was crowned female artist of the year. “When you relentlessly believe in your dreams, they come true,” said the Martigues native, a little surprised to receive her award. Carla Luciani, who held on, had a little message on this Valentine’s evening…

Stage revelation: Suzane

Her first album has just been released. “This appointment is the big icing on the cake, it is a real recognition,” confided the interpreter when 20 minutes
had met him in January. A year which therefore begins under the best auspices for the young woman, whose name already appeared on the list of 2019 editions of many French festivals.

Revelation album: Loopholes of Apple

Loopholes, a little gem of emotion, is the young singer’s second album. The texts of this great fan of the poet Paul Eluard and the singer Barbara hide nothing about his cracks, doubts, injuries. “This album helped me to accept myself” she explained when receiving her Victory, before concluding by quoting Léonard Cohen: “there is a flaw in everything, and it is through that that enters the light “.

album: Soul fifties by Alain Souchon

This is the 10th victory won by this eternal dreamy 75-year-old dandy. As usual, behind the elegance of the melodies, bundled with his sons Pierre and Charles, hides a certain gravity, like these young men sent yesterday to Algeria to make war there, or the social elevator broken down today ‘hui …

Original Song: It comes and goes by Vitaa and Slimane

This is their very first victory. Without surprises, the duo, which will start a tour next March, won the title of best original song. “It’s a team win, a story of friendship. We wanted to indulge in this album. We are both very moved by this first victory, for both of them, “said Vitaa behind the scenes.

Concert: Angèle and her “Brol Tour”

The sparkling Belgian singer had called on her fans to mobilize, and we won. It will be his only reward tonight …

Audiovisual creation: At DD of PNL

In December, it became the most viewed video of the year on YouTube in France. The clip At DD The French rap star duo, which alternates dark and aerial shots, was filmed on the Eiffel Tower. If you are one of those who haven’t watched it yet, it’s here!

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