Philippines Dismantles China’s Barrier on Scarborough Shoal: Latest Updates and News

2023-09-26 21:30:00
The Philippines has started to dismantle China’s barrier on Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea free times[Lu Xiufang Spicy Evening News]Breaking! The Philippines takes action to target Scarborough Shoal!|The Philippine Coast Guard said it successfully removed the barrier set up on the mainland of Scarborough Shoal|”Something big happened on Scarborough Shoal!” The Philippines “took action” @CtiNews Highlights Zhongtian TVHas the Philippines dismantled the “floating barrier” on Scarborough Shoal?Privy Council No. 10: Adulteration and fraud United News NetworkChina sets up barrier on Scarborough Shoal to block Philippine fishing boats and Philippine Coast Guard removes it free timesWhen do you want to draw a boundary line at your own home? The Chinese Coast Guard sets up a floating barrier on Huangyan Island and the Philippine Coast Guard directly goes to the sea to cut it off! Statement that this behavior violates international law│[International Situation]20230926│Sanli iNEWS Sanli iNEWSGo to Google News for the full story
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