Philly police confiscate weapons and arrest 200 people for drug abuse

Police have arrested more than 200 people and seized multiple high-performance weapons after a serious drug accident in North Philadelphia, CBS Philly reports. The arrests took place over several days.

Officials reportedly received tips from people in the Fairhill and Kensington neighborhoods about drug deals that were taking place right before their eyes. According to the police, 200 people were arrested for drug and weapon violations.

The police, in cooperation with federal drug offenses and the FBI, confiscated drugs such as cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin, and other hard drugs with a street value of more than $ 600,000. They also confiscated nearly $ 150,000 in cash.

Correction: months of operation. Arrests for the 17th-20th December

– Kristen Johanson (@KristenJohanson) December 24, 2019

Inspector Joseph Fredericksdorf of the Philadelphia Police Department of Drugs said drug traffickers "increased their game, so to speak," by arming themselves with "military-style weapons."

He said removing 21 cannons from the streets will have the greatest impact on neighborhoods.

"These weapons will of course no longer be used in future shootings. We see this as a victory," he said.

200 high-performance weapons arrested that were seized in the drug explosion in Philadelphia

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