Philosopher and essayist Antonio Escohotado dies at age 80



The philosopher and essayist Antonio Escohotado He died this Sunday at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic at the age of 80 in Ibiza, as confirmed by sources close to the thinker.

“I rest in peace wrapped in my family,” also says a publication of the philosopher in his account of Twitter, managed by his son.

Escohotado, born on July 5, 1941 in Madrid, wrote more than twenty works from a wide variety of fields, although he mainly focused on writing on law, philosophy and sociology. The also university professor was a regular on television gatherings and stood out for his stance against drug prohibition.

His works include ‘The enemies of commerce’, ‘Chaos and Order’, ‘Milestones of meaning: Notes on archaic and classical Greece’ or ‘Learning from drugs: uses and abuses, prejudices and challenges’.

The scholar and freethinker published in 2019 ‘My Private Ibiza’, a memoir that collected his adventures on the island of Pitiusa and also misadventures, as he ended up in the Cuenca jail where he wrote his mythical ‘General history of drugs‘, as recounted in this interview on ABC.

In that same interview, I looked back at a past in which Jean-Paul Sartre and Ché Guevara they were his idols: “I don’t look at myself with any compassion, it was crazy and that’s it,” he confessed. But hey, you had to live it too. You had to put heart in it, and I did. It makes me very funny that the living room communist, let’s say the Ruffian type, calls me a turncoat. It’s really funny, there you played that they would shoot you at any time and these the only thing that you play is to win 8 or 10,000 euros a month for scratching your belly. However, they make moral judgments about third parties, oh my God.

Freethinker, talkative and uncomplexed, Antonio Escohotado did not mince words. In the seventies he went to live in Ibiza -he was the founder and owner of the famous Amnesia nightclub- with the intention of carrying out the sexual revolution: “It is the only thing that could be done peaceful and transcendental. Stop persecuting people for their sexual idiosyncrasies, and I think we fully succeed. And it was us, this tribe that throughout the world did not have two million people and became very, very influential. He played music, graphic arts, taste in short. In my opinion, it is the only revolution there has ever been. Because the others are coups, you are not going to call what happened in Cuba or Russia a revolution. “

Escohotado became a controversial character for his sustained defense of drugs. Next to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love in his day he distributed quantities of LSD, a drug whose greater use, he defended, would be good for the world. «Unquestionably. But it is a long-term thing and, above all, it cannot be understood by someone who has not had first-hand experience. It is impossible. It is as if you tell a blind man what the Prado Museum is like ”.

In 1983 he was arrested for drug trafficking and was sentenced to two years in prison. At that time he wrote his famous book ‘General History of Drugs’, published in 1989. He said unashamedly about it that it was the world’s most important treatise on the subject. «40 years have passed, and doctors, psychologists, lawyers, political scientists, all are eager to find a defect in the book. I did it to rehabilitate myself clearly, because since I had gotten into that abominable mess, I do something useful for society. Obviously, for me to exhume that history and to do it in an objective way without biases or lies is totally positive for the human being. “

He recognized that he was a little sick of being “the one with the drugs”although he admitted to being partly to blame for it. «It is that I am ashamed that they confuse me with the propagandist of this and the other. Or the apology … What an apology or what a dead child. But on the other hand, I am so ashamed and outraged to see people, especially in hospitals, die in excruciating pain when they could die peacefully at home simply with the right opiates and probably live many more years. I am doing an experiment with myself and, in truth, I have not stopped doing it. I’m playing the guinea pig for humanity. I tell my neighbors and they will think I’m crazy, and I don’t care, but I know that, in the end, my example will spread. The experiment is to go first-hand with judgments formed from experience. ‘

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