Phoenix-Atlanta, 7th game postponed because of Covid-19 – Fil Info – NBA

The North American Basketball League (NBA) has announced the postponement of the game between Phoenix and Atlanta, scheduled for Wednesday, due to the coronavirus, the Suns not having enough players available while a minimum of eight per team is required. These are now seven matches that have been postponed since December 22, the start of the season. The last meeting played by the Suns took place Monday in Washington (loss 128-107). However, two players of the Wizards, unidentified, have since had to quarantine. Potential contact cases, several of their teammates, as well as Phoenix players, must do the same, while waiting for the tracing investigation to yield its results. In addition to this game, Washington-Utah as well as Boston-Orlando, scheduled for Wednesday, were also postponed by the NBA on Tuesday, the Celtics being faced with the same problem. None of these meetings have been rescheduled.

On Tuesday, the NBA announced a strengthening of its protocols for at least the next two weeks. In particular, it requires basketball players and staff to stay at home when matches take place at home, except to go to the hall and to the facilities of their club or to carry out essential activities. When traveling, they cannot leave their hotel, except to go to train and play in the hall or in case of emergency, or to interact with hotel guests. Measures received coldly by some including the back of the Oklahoma City Thunder, George Hill. “I am an adult. I will do whatever I want. If I want to go see my family, I will. They can’t tell me I have to stay in a room 24/7. If it’s that bad then maybe we shouldn’t be playing. ”


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