Photo festivals in confined version (2)

For most photography festivals, there are scheduling constraints inherent in exhibition venues. Finally, there are the specific production and installation methods for each of the events. Difficult to prepare or rethink the script, the deadlines are short and the partners can also disengage. Some have finally chosen to reduce the volume of exhibitions while maintaining quality programming.

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Pending a decision for the international photography meetings (RIP), a major event for summer photographic events, you can find exhibitions, parties and projections from previous editions in images and videos on the RIP website.

Smaller structures, which have the advantage of flexibility, seem to respond more calmly to maintain their programming. The latest of the photographic festivals, Women expose themselves, is expected to hold its rank until August 31 in Houlgate, Normandy. “We are small and everything is relatively stable. The exhibitions are held outdoors throughout the summer without worrying about the calendar, and unless the beach is completely closed, we will be there “, specifies the director Béatrice Tupin. But foreign photographers, including a Haitian resident, will not be able to come to this festival dedicated to women photographers for a third and promising year.

In Vichy, a great first postponed to 2021

Photographic walks of Vendôme have been installed in the landscape for fifteen years. “As long as our partners support us we stay the course, we prepare with the same energy to be ready at the end of July”, announces the artistic director, Odile Andrieu. The program, which combines headliners, newer talents and some nice surprises, will give its audience a little later this summer.

Yes Portrait (s) in Vichy postpones the start of its programming, the wish is to be present this year. For this 8e raised, it loses nothing, neither of its singularity, nor of its quality. The outdoor exhibitions, in particular on the very pleasant esplanade of Lac de l’Allier, will be maintained as soon as the ban ends. The solution that seems to emerge in the usual galleries of the cultural center is the layout of the premises to respect the necessary distance, with an opening probably later. Only downside, this year was the occasion of a great first since a series of exhibitions was to be held in the beautiful space of the convention center. Unfortunately, the technical teams will not be able to install the rails, due to the lack of the necessary equipment. “We keep the series of photos concerned in the same place for 2021”, underlines the festival commissioner Karim Boulhaya.

Facilities in La Gacilly

For the festival of La Gacilly, dedicated this year to the talents of Latin America and whose reputation is well established, local issues are important. In this Morbihan town with nearly 4,000 inhabitants, it is a strong cultural and economic moment with 300,000 visitors expected each year. For Auguste Coudray, the president, ” it will not change anything in our determination to be there, we want to involve local partners in this opening, it is vital for them too. “” Everything will therefore be done to maintain the festival ”, specifies the director Stéphanie Retière. Arrangements, with controlled circulatory flow, are already being studied to preserve the exhibitions, the quality of which is the main subject and the essential reputation of this prestigious festival which runs until October.

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The announcement of the ban on assembly until mid-July, although harsh, has the merit of removing the uncertainty that hovered over it. The decision to maintain a cultural meeting, certainly postponed or postponed, will be for many, organizers, local and public partners, a great opportunity to meet and exchange again in the world after the confinement.


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