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A creepy photo of Nikolai Baskov appeared on the Web. Fans are shocked by the changes that have occurred with the star.

46-year-old pop singer Nikolai Baskov has always been proud of his appearance. The star blond loved to take care of his hair, follow his figure and bright concert images. However, fans began to notice that in recent years the artist began to lose ground.

Many suggested that life circumstances forced Nikolai to reconsider his priorities. After the news regarding his father’s cancer during the broadcast of the “Fate of a Man” program, Baskov did not hold back his tears at all, not caring regarding his appearance. And the other day, a magazine appeared on the shelves of stores, on the cover of which there is a photo of Nikolai Baskov, rotting alive, as ill-wishers wrote.

Of course, it’s just a bad pose and lighting. Caught off guard, the Basque looks sickly pale and badly swollen. Perhaps Nikolai Baskov gained a few kilograms, but this problem might easily be hidden with a good shot.

“Kolya is suffering, I am suffering … How can we lose weight, advise?” – Stas Sadalsky wrote in his microblog, when he saw the cover of the magazine leaked to the network.

So, for example, in the social networks of the artist there are no unsuccessful photos. At all posts, Nikolai Baskov looks happy and attractive. Indeed, well-deserved work of photographers!


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