Photo of Samsung Galaxy S22 battery confirms 3,700 mAh capacity

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will be smaller than the S21. Unfortunately, that also seems to mean the battery is getting smaller – 3,700 mAh according to the latest rumors. And these rumors have now been confirmed by a photo of the actual battery. The EB-BS901ABY (14.35 Wh) was photographed during the certification process at SafetyKorea. The predecessors had as a reference Galaxy S21 and the S20 davor 4,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S22-Akku

Of course, the battery life has improved between the two generations thanks to more energy-saving chipsets and more efficient displays. If this development continues, the battery life of the S22 could be as good or even better than that of the S21.

the Battery capacities of the Galaxy S22 + and S22 Ultra are larger with 4,500 or 5,000 mAh. The new Plus model also loses 300 mAh compared to its predecessor. The Ultra is the only variant that is allowed to retain its previous capacity, although it is still one S Pen must fit into the housing.

When it comes to charging speeds, Samsung unfortunately continues to stack low. The S22 should charge with 25 watts, while the plus and that Ultra supposedly up to 45 watts be able to record.

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