Photographs of the unusual “snowfall” that registered a municipality of Guatemala go viral | News from El Salvador

The streets of the municipality of Tacaná were covered with a layer of ice that looked like snow, which was caused by an intense rain with hail. The images surprise the Central American region where this phenomenon is not common.

Guatemala It is characterized by a cool climate, but it is unusual for some of its landscapes to register such low temperatures that it can snow. In the last decade, due to climate change, the neighboring country has had some snowfall on the highest peaks of its mountains and volcanoes, thus surprising its own inhabitants. Yesterday (01.05.2021) it was also documented how the streets of the department of San Marcos were covered with a white blanket.

The Guatemalan media did not record this phenomenon as a snowfall, despite the fact that in the photographs that went viral on social networks, roads covered by something very similar to snow appear. According to Mega Enlace Tv and Prensa Libre, what happened in the municipality of Tacaná (San Marcos, at 2,398 meters above sea level) was actually a rain with a lot of hail, which caused the effect of a “great layer of snow”.

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Image of one of the streets of Tacaná, in the municipality of San Marcos. Photo Capture Facebook Federal Republic of Central America.

One of the last “great snowfalls” over Guatemala fell on the Tajamulco volcano on December 19, 2009, accumulating around 20 cm of snow at the top of the volcano. The phenomenon registered in Tacaná was not of great proportions, but it caught the attention of Guatemalan citizens, the press and, of course, other Central Americans who saw the postcards on the social networks of Facebook and Twitter.

“That beauty…!! It seems that the hurricanes cleaned up the land in such a way that it has recovered its border in its seasons.💦💭🗯💨“,” Congratulations San Marcos “,” And in Ixchiguan has not snow fallen? A few years ago I was there, very cold, but they are beautiful places, greetings from Honduras ”,“ Snow 🌨😀“, “The snow🌨🌨 from here in the United States 🇺🇸 went to fall there. Guatemala, blessed land, by God 🇬🇹“, Were some comments made by netizens.

A bus got stuck due to the layer of ice that formed on the road. Photo taken from Twitter @ soy_502 – Mega Enlace TV

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According to meteorologists, the hail “originates when the strong winds within the cloud are added and when descending there is a cooling that freezes them, forming small or large ice balls that fall from the sky during the rain.” The accumulation of hail that was registered in this area of ​​Guatemala also affected some vehicles that circulated in the area, a situation that was portrayed in the images published by Mega Enlace TV and the web portal

It looks like a landscape of the United States or Canada, however it is Guatemala. Explanation of the Mega Enlace TV medium about what caused it to look like snow. Photo Capture Facebook Mega Enlace TV @ Canal6TG

We share the images of this hailstorm that put this Guatemalan municipality on the international radar.

Some people helping to clear the way to be able to travel. Photo taken from Facebook @ Canal6TG Mega Enlace TV. Channel 6 Tacaná, San Marcos


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