photos of Tarzan before and how he was with different hair and image

‘Tarzan’ has become one of the contestants who in the ‘Challenge’ has given the most talk for some striking behaviors, such as when he got drunk and started screaming because of a woman’s rejection.

The costeño of the ‘alpha’ team, which is target of criticism by many followers from the show on social media, she has an easy-to-recognize image thanks to her hair, a large two-tone painted afro.

It is precisely this appearance that, apart from the moments in which he has also infuriated some rivalsThey make it easy to identify. Therefore, the changes compared to how it looked before are evident.

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‘Challenge’: photos of ‘Tarzan’ before and what he was like with different hair and image

Andrés Alfonso Miranda, real name of ‘Tarzán’, is dedicated to ‘break dance’ in his native Chiriguaná (César), where in his 25 years of life he has had a physical evolution that is notorious.

Evidence of these changes are in your personal Instagram accountwhere the images allow you to observe how your hair has grown over the years.

Similarly, his appearance has also changed since his adolescence, a time when he already showed that he had the physical condition that has made him one of the strong participants in the ‘Challenge’.

These were some of the postcards in which the difference of the participant in his appearance before entering the test and years ago, before this television competition is seen. This is how it has changed:

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