Photos of the accident, inadvertently witnessed by the mayor of Plovdiv and the police chief, have appeared got photo material from the catastrophe we informed you about earlier today. The movement was difficult and there was serious material damage to the Honda.

Information so far:

The mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov and the city’s chief of police under the hills, a senior commissioner Yordan Rogachev helped the victim in the crash.

The traffic accident happened shortly after 3 pm today on the road to Bachkovo. A car driving in front of their car crashed, after which the two got out, called 112 and the police.

After the arrival of the ambulance, the victim, who was driving the vehicle and who was a priest in a church in the “Trakia” area, was taken to a hospital. At the moment there is no information on how serious his condition is.

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